The logic behind sympathy

Let’s start with a simple story.

Anne went to the market one day to buy some fish. She love her husband so much that she thought she would cook a great dinner for her husband. On her way to the market, Anne stumbled upon a couple who were fighting outside their house. Anne couldn’t help but overheard that the husband cheated on his wife. Anne being a typical good lady approached the couple and started to confirm the wife. Her name was Isabelle.

Anne realised that Isabelle was the girl to whom her high school boyfriend cheated on with. Though she was filled with raging memory of her past, she decided to put that rage away and comforted her.

The husband, seeing that now her wife had a supporter, decided to run away from the fight, stating that it’s pointless to continue the conversation until the wife’s emotion is cooled down.

A few days later, Isabelle came to Anne’s house bringing a bad news. Her husband just died from an accident. And now both ladies were embracing in tears, saddened by the news.

Think of that one time where you decided to let your anger subdued because somebody is having a bad day. I can’t grab the concept of being nicer to someone when they are their somebody close just died. Well, his mother just died, be nice to him. Even though he is still an asshole.

But it still is amazing to think that I would not be able to be mean to some jackass whose parent just pass away. So, What do you think is the logic behind sympathy?

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