Sabah day 1: Never ready enough


I have to admit that I’ve forgotten how to travel. Especially traveling alone. I used to be very good at it. All planned up and ready for event packed adventures days ahead. But today, I’m stuck and all confused not too sure what is going to happen for the next whole week.
It wasn’t too bad to be honest. When I landed on Kota Kinabalu Airport I was still hoping that there will be some beautiful beaches nearby where I will love. But being a city much like KL city central, this place is filled with city life commodities, western restaurants, fast foods, hotels, market stalls. It’s boring.
After I checked in to the hotel, first mission of me was to fill my stomach. I hit up foursquare and an Italian restaurant pop up on the top of the list. What the hell, where are the local cuisine that I was so excited to try on?


Well, I was very hungry so I went to that Italian restaurant anyway and ordered a Lamb and Beef pizza. It was good. The cheese taste really creamy and milky that it melted in my mouth. The salty olive oil added up to a smooth bites and the smell of the lamb was just right to acompany the strong taste of the sauce. However, it was a bit too salty that I makes me feels very thirsty. There was probably some MSG or some sorts. But in overall it was good lunch.
It was also great that KK is just next to the sea and it was windy. There was no beach on the main city, just a fenced wooden platform across the side of the ocean. It was still early and the sun was glaring hot so I decided to go back to hotel and took a nap.
I went back to the sea side before sunset to get some nice pictures. The wind was still blowing very strongly. And there was this group of people setting up their musical equipments for some sunset show. It was annoying how unprofessional it was, testing for the whole half an hour with still some deafening echoes.


The sun set and the sky turned dark. I walked to nearby food stalls with all the fresh seafood and had my dinner there. Went back to hotel and took shower. And now I’m here relaxing with some awesome performances. Goodnight.




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