Sabah day 2: Water

Today was tour day. I booked the island hopping tour that frankly I was a little unsure of doing. First, it’s expensive. Second, beaches are hot in here. Anyway, the tour guide came to pick me up after breakfast and in no time I’m on a boat to the first island. Sapi island (directly translated to cow island)


The beach was awesome. Clear water with white smooth sandy beach. It was freaking hot but it didn’t stop people from snorkeling everywhere. The water was cold, so it was fun.
I didn’t bring any swimwear so I rolled up my pants and walked around in the water playing with the fishes.
I could only do that for a short half an hour and there was nothing much else to do other than swimming and talking to your friends if you bring any. But for me, it was time to find a cool spot and start reading.


The voice of the forest, the sea and the people. It was relaxing.

After a hearty lunch of all sorts of seafoods, we moved to the next island, Manukan.


Manukan is probably the most boring part of the tour. Though the beach was longer than Sapi, the sand is full of coral shreds. It was painful to walk on the beach and in the water itself. I couldn’t enjoy it. But the view was so awesome that I just sat there staring at the surroundings. Sounds creepy.


Came back to the mainland hotel, I was torn between taking a sweet nap or go out exploring some more. Guess what, I ended up in the cinema.


I’m not entirely sure how to make out of that movie, it was like a standard Spongebob movie. Feeling disappointed because it’s not all about the surface after all. The time they’ve spent on land is like only one fifth of the entire movie
And there goes my day 2. Comes the night and dinner with my roommates that I’ve just met and went hunting for a hiking shoes. See you tomorrow on the journey to the foot of mount Kinabalu.

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