Sabah day 3: Majesty

The strangers that I’ve shared a room with took an early ride to hike the mount Kinabalu. I took a different path.


After breakfast I took a public bus to the Kinabalu park. It was a nice morning ride in a small enough space not enough for me to sit straight.
I’ve always preferred mountains over oceans. Oceans has its own beauty, but the glaring sun heat is just uncomfortable.
When I first saw the Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia, I lighted up with joy. How majestic something can be. So tall it almost touches the sky. Even though it’s only half the height of Mount Everest, it’s still freaking amazing.


It makes me realize how we used to worship these majestic beings. Tall mountains, tall trees, the sun, and the moon. I’ve always read and heard about how awesome this mountain was, but seeing is to believe.
Somehow science and technology had made us understand more about them and removed the sense of that majestic. But to see this mountain with my naked eyes is one experience I don’t want to miss. And this makes me want to go climb Mount Himalaya so much.
After checked in to this remote hostel where I’ve walked and trailed for 30 minutes to find that this place is pretty empty. But I will love this place. It’s a bit too far from anywhere I started to think that I might starve to dead here. So I took a journey to hunt for food.
I first went to check out the park hoping to find something interesting, but surprised by its pricing.


It is a total bad news for foreigners where you need to pay 5 times more than the locals. Sucks to be me as an expat that pays tax here. Where did my tax money went to?
Everything here is not really tourist friendly. The staffs in the park wasn’t really helpful. They either don’t bother answering your inquiry or telling you that we don’t do that here. So I fed up and left.
I was told there is a town 5 km away from the park. But the bus system was strange. I first waited for some taxi kind of car stop by and I asked if I can take a ride. There were people inside and there was only one space left. The driver charge me 2 Ringgit and I got in the car.
Few minutes later we stopped at the town center. The first thing I saw was KFC. FOR REAL!!


I ate and took some cash out from the ATM and started my journey back to hostel, where it got weirder.
First, I waited on the other side of the bus trying to stop the mini buses or taxi like cars going back to the park direction. They were either full or empty with the driver twisting his palm right and fort. So I went to a place where there were more mini buses around. They told me that there is no buses back to the park from here, but one driver offered to give me a ride but need to pay 20 Ringgit. I wasn’t thinking much enough so I asked to go to the next town instead, getting away from the park. Not a very wise decision. I was thinking I might be able to get a different bus from there since it is a bigger town. So I paid 5 Ringgit.
I got to the town, falling into a weirder situation where nobody is having a route to the park, but I can always rent the whole minivan which cost around 30-60 (depending on the drivers). But I met this nice driver who actually talked me through the best options. We ended up to the option where I would buy a ticket back to KK which is 2 hours drive away but get off at the park, which is only 10 minutes away. But the total cost is only 18 Ringgit, the cheapest options they have.


Rain started pouring and I reached the foot of the hill I’m staying. The road was slippery and my shoes was making it worst. But another 15 minutes slow hike later, I’m on the hostel, surrounded by mist, bird songs, and insects.

An awesome bath later, I went back to the room and continue reading my book. Funny thing about this place is that things expanded. I guess the pressure here is lower, so everything expanded. I took up a bag of chip I bought earlier from the town and it looks like it’s going yo explode soon.


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