Sabah day 4: Green

It kind of sucks that everything here is expensive. Five times more expensive because I’m a foreigner. It kind of make sense that they are doing this to preserve the nature. By making it expensive, less people will come to visit. The less people comes, the less damage done. But I’m not sure if that’s true or just my theory because the whole tourism economy revolves around the mountain and its surrounding towns. I don’t think there is a balance between money and reservation. You either make a lot of money out of it or close it up all together.


This morning was cold. I think I should have closed the windows. But the morning view was great.


After breakfast I took a short walk to get some sunshine to defroze. A bit while later I shared a cab with some guesses from the lodge to the Poring Hot Spring. Hoping that it would be cooler there so I could soak in the hot spring water and relax. But the whole trip turned out totally wasted.
First of all, and again, everything is expensive, the entrance fee, the food, the charges here and there. Anyhow, we paid for the canopy walk which is not too impressive, and then a 15 minutes walk to the waterfall, not bad, and back to the hot spring under the glaring hot sun. So I didn’t soak in because it’s pointless.


When we got back to the hostel, there was a guy who was staying at the hostel who just got back from climbing the mountain. It has been a dilemma for me between climbing the mountain or stay chill and relax at the bottom where the view was still great and weather was cool. But he told the story of how he went straight to the main entrance of the Kinabalu park and asked for a spot on the mountain. ‘There are cancelation everyday, you go to the lodge receptions and ask them directly. You can even get cheaper price ” he said.
I was still unsure, excited for the chance, terrified for the journey.
Adding onto that was the 2 new guesses that checked in that day, going to hike the next day. One was an Australian Chinese girl whose parents are Malaysian. And the other guy who is a Malaysian, planning on the same path of cheaper alternative by escaping the agents trap. We came into conclusion that I will follow them to the park and if I get a spot, I’ll hike with them.

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