Sabah day 5: Oxygen


I woke up still uncertain if I should climb the mountain, but I was all packed and ready. We took a taxi to the park and started asking around for information. We first went to the lodge registration counter where I asked if they had any room left or if there was any cancelation. Unfortunately they had none and told me that there was normally no cancelation and that I had to make reservation at least two months back. I was half glad that they didn’t have any, because I was still half hearted about the whole journey. It seems too hard to accomplish, but another part of me was rationalizing that everybody is doing it, so it shouldn’t be too hard.
I stayed a little bit while my 2 new friends were checking themselves in and getting the rest of the stuff done like hiking permit and guide.
While I was watching the mountain and realized that I have good internet connection so I started browsing the official Mount Kinabalu website. I found a phone number and started to dial. A lady picked up the call and directed me to a counter near the toilet. Upon meeting her, she immediately busied herself to find me an accommodation up there. Because the most important part of the journey was a place to rest before and after the final summit hike. She went into the office and came back with a good news. There was a place for me to stay that day, and the journey started.
My two new friends were almost done with all the paperwork. All we need was a place to stay, a guide, hike permit, insurance, and a transport to the main trail gate. When the accommodation was set, everything else was easy. But one big problem was that I ran out of cash very quickly and there was no ATM nearby and I had to pay cash for most of the stuffs. And they were expensive.
It was also important to have enough gears. So I stopped by the shop to buy a pair of gloves and a hiking stick. Luckily they accept credit card.


All set and ready. The hike was difficult. Very difficult. The thinning air made it harder and harder to breath. It was also exhausting to climb up hill for 6 whole hours. 6 freaking torturing hours. Craziest journey ever.
Climb, rest, climb, rest, take deep breath, look around, have a little chat with other hikers, continue climbing, rest and 6 hours later, we got to the resting point. It was 6 Km away from the entrance while the summit was another 2 km away but we will do it tomorrow morning after a good meal and sleep.
We put our back in our dorm room and headed to the restaurant for a dinner buffet at 4 pm. Everybody was tired but the view was spectacular. Heaven like.




Night came and the sunset was spectacular. I was tucked in my bed ready to sleep. It was icy cold but the blanket was thick and warm I was sweating in it. Cold outside but too warn inside. Can’t wait for the morning to come.

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