Sabah day 7: Balance


I was glad that I’d slept over the night. Twelve hours of sleep had put me into a great mood. It was six in the morning when I wake up. The sun was rising and it was getting bright outside. But it was still too early for breakfast and it was cold, so I stayed in bed with my iPod, reading.
It’s interesting how I can relate very easily with things that I am reading or watching or listening to. I was reading Euphoria, a book telling stories about a couple of anthropologists in the New Guinea. Stories about the study of the primitives.
It also inspired me to try new things. It’s funny I become attracted to things that people do well in. Not that I’ll find the courage to stay with these primitive tribes and write about them, but it made me realize that doing things that are challenging and difficult are often rewarding.
If going to the primitives and study them is an easy task, it won’t be such a fun to read about them anymore. Indeed, difficult life is good life. Now I wonder if all our conveniences had made us more depressed, wanting to do more but nothing worth doing.
Going back to the city life is both relieving and sad. Leaving all the nice view and cool weather up there for a good internet connection and easy access of food and services.


I think we just need to find a balance of everything. Find ourselves doing something unusual once in a while will lift your spirit up a little and think less about this boring life.
After checked in to the hotel, I busied myself with writing these few days into this blog. It was difficult up there on the mountain with little internet connection and all the heavy walking. I felt like I’m home already. Phone on my palm writing nonstop, catching up with everything I’ve missed on the internet for the past week, watching TV.
I guess this is the end of the chapter. Tomorrow I’ll be on my way back to KL and continue my daily routine. But this will serve as a reminder for me that I should do more of unusual things like this just to keep life interesting.
If the meaning of life is to keep living, I’ve found the meaning of life, doing new things every once on a while.

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