The Incomplete One

I am wishing that what I’m going to write now is going to be the truth of what is going to be created soon. If you’ve remembered that I’ve attempted to write a book called One Way Ticket to Mars. I have the idea, I have the start of the story, I have the end of the story, but I’ve never yet to figure out how to link the start to the end.

But if it were to be published one day, here will be the summary.

Julian knows what he wants. But not many people agree with his way of life. When he first saw the news about sending people on a mission to explore Mars, he applied straight away. But he then realised that getting accepted is the easier part of his journey.

The harder parts came after the acceptance letter. When he have to say goodbye to all the people close to him, being lectured and begged to stay, to walk the Earth for the last time, and counting the days that remains.

Yet, the hardest part is when someone right came into his life, someone he has been needing in his entire life. Will he change his mind? or will he go ahead and leave Earth for good?


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