My New Starbucks Sunday Routine

Since I’ve bought a Macbook Air that is totally compact and portable, I’ve decided to go out more instead of stationing it in my room. One is that it will be totally underutilized. Second is that it’s not powerful enough for my gaming need.

So I decided one Sunday that I should bring it to the nearby Starbucks and hope to get more productivity with that kind of Starbucky environment, dimmer lights, nice coffee tables, music, real life human noises. Soon enough, it became a routine.

I started my Sunday sleeping late, get ready for lunch around 11am, and leave for lunch. I go to the same lunch place I usually go on Sunday, I have my quick lunch and drive to the Starbucks.

Straight to the counter, the barista will greet me and asks what I would like to order. I order my Iced Coffee Late, grande, less sweet. He took a cup and start writing something on the cup. H e then asks me for my name, and I will tell him my name. I give him my Starbucks card, then I wait. A minute later he will hand me back my card with the receipt. I proceed to the waiting area and wait for name to be called. I take my coffee, walk away while scanning for empty tables, and scanning for interesting people. One woman with a book sits next to the main door, a student looking man sits next to her table with a computer. I walk on, scanning for people who are scanning at me. And I decide where to sit.

Best place to sit is always the corner area. ones with a wall behind me preventing people to stare at my computer screen, and a wide angle view in front of me for further scanning of interesting people’s activities.

Once I’m seated I take out my Macbook Air and start planning on what to do. Today, I decided to write something first, because my routine has not became a boring activity yet, but It’s still so new that it put a smile in my face.


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