Wake up in Melbourne

It’s both exciting and worrisome that I’m flying to Melbourne in less than 12 hours from now. It’s going to be a midnight flight and I’ll arrive in the morning cold of Melbourne Fall.

Every time I’m flying I will have this anxiety attack where I worry that I get the flight details wrong. Fear that I might have mistaken the flight date or time. Last night I went to sleep wondering if i’ve already missed my flight and that my flight was last night. I can’t help to repetitively check my booking confirmation details over and over again to make sure that the printed date is not today. And also not to forget to check my phone for what exactly is today’s date. I bet my OCD is getting worse.

Now that I’ve almost packed and ready, and my flight is approximately ten hours from now, I’m bound to a very limited option of activities in between. Probably I should go out and kill some time in Starbucks. Maybe I should take a nap. Maybe I should go watch a movie. But maybe I will miss my flight.

Well, you know I ended up writing this post and hope that it can kill sufficient time but not too much until I miss my flight. I probably ended up in the airport 3 hours too early for check-in while reading some books.

Enough of the post-travel anxiety, let’s focus on the destination. It’s yet another business trip. It means that I’ll be in the office Monday to Friday,  9am to 5pm. Being my second visit to Melbourne and being a very urban city, I’m sure it’s going to be boring again. Well, my previous trip wasn’t too bad. The city is lively and everywhere you go you see celebrations. But I’m a little worry this time because I’m going alone. Being alone in a city is probably a pretty bad idea in the Autumn nights.

Put that aside, I’m so very excited to spend all my Australian coins that are so freaking huge and heavy. I’m so going to spend all the coins and will never ever bring back any coins from Australia anymore.

I’m also very exciting to visit the Great Ocean Road. It’s going to be cold I guess and many people had been warning me about the cold weather in Melbourne right now. I’m kind of well prepared, I hope I bring enough cloths.

What else can I do? Any interesting you’d love to do in Melbourne? Comment below!

Also, stay tuned for more updates from Melbourne.


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