The trending problem

We recently have a new addition to our already too big family. Actually it’s not too new, he is almost 3 years old.

The problem is, most of my siblings are already in their late 30s to 40s. Naturally a lot of my family members are pretty grown-up, including my nephews and nieces.

This 3 years old boy was surrounded by grown-ups who gave so much attention to him alone. He tuned out to be a total badass in the family. One of his special rights was biting and pinching the grown-ups playfully and getting away with it. One day, this pampered little gem was brought to visit his grown-up relatives who live a few countries away. The boy was very welcomed by everybody. But being such a naughty boy he was, the grown-up couldn’t help but to comment on his naughtiness. So erupted a trending problem that has been retold over and over again for the past few days. And it goes something like this:

Grandma: “I’m so disappointed at my grown-up grandson for commenting that we are being such a bad parents.”

(The boy lives very near to his grandma)

Mother: “I know right, he is just a little boy. Furthermore, he thought they were just playing.”

Grandpa: “Bob (The grown-up grandson) threatened to cut off baby boy’s hands if he didn’t stop pinching people. Bob’s sister was even worst, she was the one who started the pinching game. Baby boy didn’t know how to control his strength yet, he didn’t know that he was hurting his cousins”

Mother’s brother: *too lazy to contribute in the conversation but couldn’t stop himself from writing about it*

The whole drama made me think of the basic of parenting. My parents weren’t really kind to my siblings to start with. Surely they love their children, but the stories my siblings told were not always the cheerful ones. Perhaps they were too busy working and surviving. But when they are taking care of their grandchildren, they turned so protective of them, even against their own children and grandchildren.

Also when drama involves parents and their children because of their grandchildrens, it’s awkward.

And for me, it’s just another reason not to reproduce.


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