Fundamental of caring

What does it mean to be loved. For one to care for another is to want what they want the other to be. As far as caring go, it’s what the carer thinks best for the one they care. For if they don’t care, it will be carefree.

A mother’s care to her children is of the utmost pathetic one. One is forced into this world, to be useless and powerless, to receive care. A mother’s argument then dictates the children is now eternally in debt to their carer.

A father would have sacrificed his life so his offspring can have a better life. The children are forced with that “better life” and it will always be credited to their parents.

A sibling cares by taking care of one another. For they want others to be happy for their own happiness. Alas, our happiness are the gift of the others, not our own.

Teachers, doctors, pilots, and managers cares for your well-being. For your well-being is their utmost happiness. You care because it gives your what you want.

To be loved is to attribute your happiness to others. For gratitude is the sign of helplessness. For we are bought to this world not by our choice. Therefore we are not happy unless others are happy first.

To be happy is to love yourself. To remove the need of gratitude to others but yourself. Unhappiness is the lack of gratitude. But the absent of the need of gratitude voids unhappiness.

For the care givers, care less. You’ll be happier that way.

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