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Down south to OZ

Is it just me or the last few prompt has been sad? Empty, would I want to be optimistic about this?

It could just be my current mood I guess, also because I’m listening to Damien Rice. That beautiful bastard has a heck of a collection when it comes to sad song. (hint: check out his song “The Greatest Bastard“)

I’ve moved to Melbourne just a couple of months ago and had been wanting to write about the experience about it, but I was probably too empty to make out anything until now. But somehow when I start to write, all I can think about is the past.

I guess I’ll list 10 things about melbourne that I love so far to convince myself that this is a great decision.


The money is here worth much more than the previous countries I’ve been (Malaysia and Indonesia). The tax can be crazy, but it’s still a pretty good deal. So earning Australian Dollar means more buying power and also I will have more saving to travel especially around SEA where most of my friends and family are.


I wouldn’t say I loooove the weather, but I’ve started at the wrong time. When I first got here on mid April, it was getting very cold. There were nights as cold as 8 degree Celcius. And colder nights are ahead of me. But it’s great when the sun in shining and when spring comes, it’s will just fine.

Swing Dancing

I’ve started swing dancing last year in KL and have been hooked since. It’s a type of Jazz dance and it’s a lot of fun. Compared with Salsa which is much more popular, I find Salsa is too intimate and I can’t really handle that in public.

KL has like 2 social dance event a week. So I mostly dance once a week and maybe go to classes sometimes. In Melbourne, there are at least 1 event everyday. It’s like heaven.


The service here is much more expensive but it’s much better. I’m so surprised on how easy things are done here. People are very friendly and they understand that they are paid to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. And it’s probably by law that customers are protected in the best way possible.


It’s amazing how much lively this city can be. Again it sucks because it’s winter,but when the warmer and dryer wheaters come, the city will be alive with live performances on the street, painting, art shows. It’s beautiful.


I love Ramen, and it was pretty expensive back then in KL (compared to local food). I can eat Ramen every day in here and it won’t really break my bank account. I’m spending the same amount of money for other types of food anyway.


It’s amazing how much coffee they drink over here. It’s pretty normal to go for coffee break a couple of times a day. I’m not a coffee addict but I do love a good cup of coffee once in awhile. Living in Melbourne means that you’ll always find a coffee shop wherever you are.


You can drink from the tap, which is a luxury back home.


I grew up riding bikes. Having the chance of bringing that back to my life brings back tons of childhood memories. It’s a flood of nostalgia and a couple of near death moments with my bike. Can’t wait to buy a bike and explore the city with it.


Meetup here is huge, just like Swing Dancing, there are more options and bigger community. Even though the people can be a bit colder and harder to befriend with, the fact that there are more options makes it a better chance to find friends.

I’m feeling better now. It’s true how setting our mind into positive things can bring us into better mood. But I’m addicted to sadness, what can I say.

More on the KL to Melbourne move stories to come. Let me know what you’d like to read more about. If you are in reading this in Melbourne, tell me what you like the most about this city.


The logic behind sympathy

Let’s start with a simple story.

Anne went to the market one day to buy some fish. She love her husband so much that she thought she would cook a great dinner for her husband. On her way to the market, Anne stumbled upon a couple who were fighting outside their house. Anne couldn’t help but overheard that the husband cheated on his wife. Anne being a typical good lady approached the couple and started to confirm the wife. Her name was Isabelle.

Anne realised that Isabelle was the girl to whom her high school boyfriend cheated on with. Though she was filled with raging memory of her past, she decided to put that rage away and comforted her.

The husband, seeing that now her wife had a supporter, decided to run away from the fight, stating that it’s pointless to continue the conversation until the wife’s emotion is cooled down.

A few days later, Isabelle came to Anne’s house bringing a bad news. Her husband just died from an accident. And now both ladies were embracing in tears, saddened by the news.

Think of that one time where you decided to let your anger subdued because somebody is having a bad day. I can’t grab the concept of being nicer to someone when they are their somebody close just died. Well, his mother just died, be nice to him. Even though he is still an asshole.

But it still is amazing to think that I would not be able to be mean to some jackass whose parent just pass away. So, What do you think is the logic behind sympathy?

Two ways a confrontation could end

The tension in the team has built up so much that it almost feels like the whole world is exploding in front of my eyes. Well, at least that’s how I was feeling at work just a couple of days before.

There were this unspoken war between the members, the World War I of my little world, which involves everybody against everybody, and it felted horribly awful.

There is a problem that is growing, but everybody is being so polite and nice to each other that nobody was being straight forward to present the problem. At least none that I was knowing. The managements are doing this sudden change of strategy in which every single movements of us are monitored and we are constantly reminded that we need to meet the deadline, so finish this task A now and I’ve got task B, C and D ready for your sorry asses, in the most polite way possible. While the team members remained calm, cheerful and playfully happy on the face but feeling like a big chunk of cold icy stone had just been dropped from Mt. Everest inside of us. Nobody were happy.

Then comes a time for me to have a weekly chat with my manager where we pretended that there were no problem at all and that I’m very happy with whatever is going on right now. But I was prepared with a list of items that I wanted him to know, that I don’t like the way they are fixing the problem, that it’s making thing worst, and OMG please tell it to my face what is the problem! Well, not in that manner, of course. We are professionals; hiding some details here and there, being careful not to say some wrong words and phrases like we are lazy or I hate People A so much I wanted to kill him. But all my points were made. But I’m not sure how he’s handling it and I could feel stress was building up in him.

For me, I realized then how much stress something like that had cost me. That by keeping something to ourselves to avoid hurting somebody is kind of a many edged sword, it ‘s going to hurt everybody. But when that sword is lifted up, suddenly I feel happy about everything. I was really cheerful and relaxed. It was fun. “It will be a better day ahead” I thought to may.

What could be going wrong? probably the managements talked about it and decided that I’m just being irrational about certain thing I’d spoken and totally skip the other points that are more important than that. Or probably worse, they might fire me next week. But what I can tell you now is that it’s not done yet. Confrontation is just a beginning step. The days ahead will be harder. The truths are spoken out and it’s my job as the speaker to keep what I’ve said as truthful and useful. And it’s not going to be easy.

Another weird thing I feel is that after that tensed up confrontation moment, everything seems to be back to normal as if nothing has happen. It scared me because I’m worried that the problem is not fixed but we are all still pretending. The problem might one day erupted and bring everybody down the hill. And I’m afraid of that to happen.

Then I will Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Have a nice weekend.

What is cooking??

A couple of questions to talk about today, but I’m not sure if I should split them into different posts or just cram them into this one? It doesn’t matter, let’s start cooking!

First, why is the Daily Prompt not showing up in  my Reader anymore? The only thing I notice has changed is the poster. Some permission issue?

Second, let’s talk about my kitchen. The interesting thing about my kitchen is that I don’t have a kitchen. Or, I do have one but I don’t use it to cook anything anymore. It’s a room with a gas stove, a fridge and lot’s of unused … stuffs. So, let’s not talk about my kitchen, if you may. Let’t talk about photography. One thing that I can’t take photo without is my Canon EOS 1100D. I sent it for service few days ago because it has fungi growing all over the lenses and it has dark spots on every images I took. It will only return in 7 to 10 days. I hope that I can get it back before I leave for Melbourne. Oh yeah, I’m going to Melbourne!! Let’s talk about it in another post later.

Back to the camera, I decided to go to the beach for the sunset today without it. I have some other cameras on my phone (Nexus 4) and iPod Touch. In fact, I have 4 of them with me, 2 on each device, front and rear. But they are not as manual as my Canon. I ended up taking a lot of picture with my phone and sad because I didn’t have my Canon with me. All I was doing was “I wan’t to try this x ISO y Shutter Speed and z Aperture on this angle.. Oops, no manual setting on my phone.”


Last one, a self realization. I noticed how much I’ve been writing for the past few years and realized that I have a very cute pattern. I love to create stuffs, like writing a new postaday post, a short stories, facebook posts and twitters, posting pictures to Tumblr. But one thing I realized that I don’t interact much with others. People interact with me when they see my posts. You comment, ask questions, like etc. But what I do is just reading and pretend that I didn’t read it.

This doesn’t only apply to my social life, but also my real life. I am very passive in relationships. I wait for people to talk to me and interact with me but I’ve rarely started a conversation before. Now that that’s one thing about me and one thing about being me. Should I change or should I be proud of it? it doesn’t really matter anyway.

It’s Monday again tomorrow!! Wish you a happy week ahead.

Better than anyone in anything possible

Green-eyed monster just bring back all the memory of Mike from the Monsters Inc. That will do for the introduction and the back linking.

I’m not sure about you, but I am jealous of everybody else. I hate it when the people I know actually write better than me, sing better, better at sport, better looking or richer. But I’m always wondering if this is a jealousy or is it affection.

Why would I say affection? Just to mention some people that I like are normally those who are good at something I’m not. Good at good things, not the bad things. I don’t particularly like people who are good at smoking cigarette. I hate them. But good people kind of turn me on.

Take actors for example. They are good looking, good in acting, and they are rich. They are good and well respected. I do want to be better at them, but at the same time, I want them to know that I respect their ability in what they do. So, it’s not only jealousy that I feel, but also love.

Another interesting thing that I observe is that when I am jealous of someone, I tend to start liking what they do. When one of my friend is so good at writing movie review, hey I want to write movie review as well. This trigger another hate love relationship.

Enough for the observation, here is my open letter to the one I am jealous of.

Dear anonymous person that I’m so jealous of.

I love you. I love what you do. I can’t help but to tell you that I want to know you better. I want to talk to you about what you do and how you get so good with it. And learn from you, so I can be cool like you. And also be cooler than you.

However, I know that human being are limited physically by the x,y,z dimensions and also by the time that we are travelling in. Maybe I can’t be as good as you, but I still have the desire to try and to show you that I can do the things that you can do as well. You are just another human being after all.

I’m the person that are jealous of you and I wish that you’ve never exist so that I don’t have to worry about learning another new thing just to compete with you. But at the same time, I respect you for being so good at it. Keep it up and one day you will  see me shine brighter than you. At that time, you will be jealous of me instead.

Lastly, I really love you. I hope that you will feel the same toward me one day.



All is lie

It’s funny because today’s daily prompt’s title is I Want to Know What Love is which is also the title for the song that I was listening on Youtube before I came here.

What is love? Sometimes I think I know, but sometimes, it doesn’t make sense. And then I remember that I’ve written about the whole scheme of loving and being loved, here. Please read it before we continue.

I would like to think that pure love is the unconditional love. Which in my opinion, impossible. There is always a condition behind every love. A desire, a wish, a debt, a lie.

But at the end, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Call me selfish, but I just want your love.

Let’s think about it.

I consider myself as a very well secret keeper. Why? Because I don’t talk much in real life. I listen. And when you listen a lot, people share things with you. And most people that knows me know that they can tell me stuffs and be safe with it.

The most common secrets that I kept are employee resignation, People normally hide their intention of resigning until the very end. But, they do talk about it with a very small group of coworkers. As far as I remember, I’ve never (accidentally or intentionally) shared any such secret before they become known to public. Most of the time I acted as if I didn’t know or I don’t care because I really don’t.

My own secrets are also well kept. There are things that only me and the direct person involved know. And as far as I know, we never talk about it anymore. Probably they do share it with their friends. But I don’t.

However, I can’t guarantee the secret safety in the Internet. I believe I have probably shared a lot of things I don’t normally share in my real life but I’ve written about them here in this blog. Well, hopefully they never find out this blog.

When it comes to the most significant secret I’ve ever kept, I can’t think of any yet. Or probably they are too sacred to share even in here. All secrets are significant especially when it comes to my own secret. There are a lot of them and none of them come out yet. But, I believe, as all secrets do, it will come out one day.