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Down south to OZ

Is it just me or the last few prompt has been sad? Empty, would I want to be optimistic about this?

It could just be my current mood I guess, also because I’m listening to Damien Rice. That beautiful bastard has a heck of a collection when it comes to sad song. (hint: check out his song “The Greatest Bastard“)

I’ve moved to Melbourne just a couple of months ago and had been wanting to write about the experience about it, but I was probably too empty to make out anything until now. But somehow when I start to write, all I can think about is the past.

I guess I’ll list 10 things about melbourne that I love so far to convince myself that this is a great decision.


The money is here worth much more than the previous countries I’ve been (Malaysia and Indonesia). The tax can be crazy, but it’s still a pretty good deal. So earning Australian Dollar means more buying power and also I will have more saving to travel especially around SEA where most of my friends and family are.


I wouldn’t say I loooove the weather, but I’ve started at the wrong time. When I first got here on mid April, it was getting very cold. There were nights as cold as 8 degree Celcius. And colder nights are ahead of me. But it’s great when the sun in shining and when spring comes, it’s will just fine.

Swing Dancing

I’ve started swing dancing last year in KL and have been hooked since. It’s a type of Jazz dance and it’s a lot of fun. Compared with Salsa which is much more popular, I find Salsa is too intimate and I can’t really handle that in public.

KL has like 2 social dance event a week. So I mostly dance once a week and maybe go to classes sometimes. In Melbourne, there are at least 1 event everyday. It’s like heaven.


The service here is much more expensive but it’s much better. I’m so surprised on how easy things are done here. People are very friendly and they understand that they are paid to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. And it’s probably by law that customers are protected in the best way possible.


It’s amazing how much lively this city can be. Again it sucks because it’s winter,but when the warmer and dryer wheaters come, the city will be alive with live performances on the street, painting, art shows. It’s beautiful.


I love Ramen, and it was pretty expensive back then in KL (compared to local food). I can eat Ramen every day in here and it won’t really break my bank account. I’m spending the same amount of money for other types of food anyway.


It’s amazing how much coffee they drink over here. It’s pretty normal to go for coffee break a couple of times a day. I’m not a coffee addict but I do love a good cup of coffee once in awhile. Living in Melbourne means that you’ll always find a coffee shop wherever you are.


You can drink from the tap, which is a luxury back home.


I grew up riding bikes. Having the chance of bringing that back to my life brings back tons of childhood memories. It’s a flood of nostalgia and a couple of near death moments with my bike. Can’t wait to buy a bike and explore the city with it.


Meetup here is huge, just like Swing Dancing, there are more options and bigger community. Even though the people can be a bit colder and harder to befriend with, the fact that there are more options makes it a better chance to find friends.

I’m feeling better now. It’s true how setting our mind into positive things can bring us into better mood. But I’m addicted to sadness, what can I say.

More on the KL to Melbourne move stories to come. Let me know what you’d like to read more about. If you are in reading this in Melbourne, tell me what you like the most about this city.


Those left behind

It’s getting boring because every recent posts I’ve made starts with something about haven’t written anything for a while. So is this post.

Many things have changed. The biggest of all is that I’ve moved down south to Australia. I’d like to talk about those I’ve left behind.

I’m a cold person, trying very hard to keep it that way. I can be very friendly with people, which most often do. But I distant myself from commitments and closeness. You can say that most of my friendliness are more of matter a professionalism rather than my style.

However, there are some special people that genuinely like me ( arguable and is subject to the judgment of time ).

These special people aren’t necessarily kind or caring. But these special people are those who are willing to spend the ups and downs with me, those who cracked through my icy wall and leave me out in the open, left me vulnerable.

I miss them.

Now I’m back in my cold shell in this cold world, wandering around hoping to bump into a new special people that I can melt my frozen wall for.

Melbourne’s Winter

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? You can’t, because you’re in Melbourne, Australia. And Christmas is in Summer where the heat wave rolls and the temperature shoot up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Not only that Christmas fall on Summer, their Winter will not get too cold anyway. But somehow this year has been a very cold winter when I was there.


It was the last week of Autumn when I landed in Melbourne. The weather was great, windy with a bit of rain now and then. The rain was never too much, just drizzling I’ll say. But it’s always great to walk in a cool late Autumn than a hot never ending summer of Kuala Lumpur.

Melbourne was as lively as usual in the day with people, performances, and musics on the streets. Especially on the city area. With the backdrop of Autumn, the lively people looks even more cheerful.




A week pass by and I could see the season changed in front of my eyes. The drier Melbourne suddenly rained for days and night. The temperature shot down to 5 degrees Celsius and the rain was constant. I could hear the dripping rain all night long when I slept. But the good thing about the rain in Melbourne is that it didn’t get too wet. My jacket got wet for a while and when I got back to the room somehow the jacket is dried back.

Unfortunately, I’ve picked the worst time to visit the Twelve Apostles. The journey on the Great Ocean Road is so gloomy and wet and freezing. But there was a point where we reached Apollo Bay where it was sunny. Then there was this joke that Melbourne people like to tell, “If you don’t like the weather now, just wait for 10 minutes”. It described how the weather can change from hot sunny day to a cold rainy winter.

IMG_3663 IMG_3661

And then, it started to rain again. And it rained the whole time I was near the Twelve Apostles. Imaging the cold 5 degree Celsius with the strong wind of the Southern and Indian oceans.

IMG_3701 IMG_3749

Despite its cold and and wet weather, I would have to say that it was an amazing experience.

So long, Melbourne. Till my next visit if I ever visit you again.

Wake up in Melbourne

It’s both exciting and worrisome that I’m flying to Melbourne in less than 12 hours from now. It’s going to be a midnight flight and I’ll arrive in the morning cold of Melbourne Fall.

Every time I’m flying I will have this anxiety attack where I worry that I get the flight details wrong. Fear that I might have mistaken the flight date or time. Last night I went to sleep wondering if i’ve already missed my flight and that my flight was last night. I can’t help to repetitively check my booking confirmation details over and over again to make sure that the printed date is not today. And also not to forget to check my phone for what exactly is today’s date. I bet my OCD is getting worse.

Now that I’ve almost packed and ready, and my flight is approximately ten hours from now, I’m bound to a very limited option of activities in between. Probably I should go out and kill some time in Starbucks. Maybe I should take a nap. Maybe I should go watch a movie. But maybe I will miss my flight.

Well, you know I ended up writing this post and hope that it can kill sufficient time but not too much until I miss my flight. I probably ended up in the airport 3 hours too early for check-in while reading some books.

Enough of the post-travel anxiety, let’s focus on the destination. It’s yet another business trip. It means that I’ll be in the office Monday to Friday,  9am to 5pm. Being my second visit to Melbourne and being a very urban city, I’m sure it’s going to be boring again. Well, my previous trip wasn’t too bad. The city is lively and everywhere you go you see celebrations. But I’m a little worry this time because I’m going alone. Being alone in a city is probably a pretty bad idea in the Autumn nights.

Put that aside, I’m so very excited to spend all my Australian coins that are so freaking huge and heavy. I’m so going to spend all the coins and will never ever bring back any coins from Australia anymore.

I’m also very exciting to visit the Great Ocean Road. It’s going to be cold I guess and many people had been warning me about the cold weather in Melbourne right now. I’m kind of well prepared, I hope I bring enough cloths.

What else can I do? Any interesting you’d love to do in Melbourne? Comment below!

Also, stay tuned for more updates from Melbourne.

Melbourne last day: no regret

Morning shopping errand was a rush. It’s funny when we finally got choices, it become harder to choose. The more choices we get, the more regrets we are going to have. Sad but true, I’ve already regretting buying the blue New Balance shoes. I wished that I have chosen another one, because I could have. It will be totally a different story if it was the only option.

I figured that my hands get itchy a lot. It’s probably because all the touching I’ve been doing when shopping. But I have another theory. It’s cool down here and I don’t really sweat. But my body need to push out all the toxic anyway. And the only way out is through hands and feet. And that’s why all the sweaty palm and itchiness come from.

Last day huh.. Flying back in few hours. I can’t say that I don’t miss KL. I miss my car, I miss my computer. But I am really going to hate the weather there. It’s always hot and humid. And I think the depression is kicking in, even before I left Melbourne.

Everything that has a beginner will end in one way or another. But I would have wished that the ending doesn’t come this fast. I wish that it lasted until I started to hate it and it’s time to move on. But hey, who knows one day I will move here and settle down. And become grumpy old Australian.

I bet this is it. Hopefully there is no more fancy stories at the airport later. What a week full of cheerful posts. I bet I will be back with my depressing posts after this. Stay tuned if you want some more weird immigration stories ahead.

Melbourne day 8: full speed ahead

Saturday morning is a bliss. Who would have thought that I’ll be having breakfast under the burning sun. It got pretty hot in no time and I have to use my hoodie as a shield to prevent my face from bursting into fire.

That was in Queen Victoria market, which is full of live. There was a Flamenco band playing lovely songs that bring every cells in my body dancing in joy. It was beautiful.

Next was the mission to find a few more pairs of shoes. What a bad luck that I didn’t find any. Tomorrow has to fly back to KL and my heart is sinking.

The last stop of the day was to the Southgate where we thought we were going to drink some wine but we were a little too late. However, It was
totally not a wasted effort because the river bank was filled with live performances. Musicians, painters, balloon twisters, and magicians. The street was full of love under the setting sun. Lovely.

Melbourne, oh what a lively city. I’m not sure if it’s because of the city itself or because of the people I’m traveling with that make it lively.

At the end, this just reminds me that there are just so many more things to explore out there. “Where would I know where I’m going if I don’t know where I’ve been?” And there are just so many other places that I’ve not been yet. So hang on there 3 Doors Down, I’m getting there.

Melbourne day 7: kicking in

It’s so much easier to write good fictions than true story that matter. But it’s probably not true.


Today marks my last day at Melbourne office, but we’ve got two more days before our flight home. I’ve already started to miss the people there. It feels so much more lively and fun than the guys back home. Well, it’s my kind of being alive and fun at least.

Around 4.30 just now the team just got into the fun mode. Some got to get some beer. Some just continuing whatever they were doing. The most interesting this is the robot tournament. “What? You guys have a robot tournaments? I cannot miss that!!!” I said. It turned out to be a computer games kind of robot tournament where everybody code their AI robot to fight with each other.

It was amazing to see that these kinds of stuffs happened instead of the Foosball, pool or table tennis in our KL office. They are true sports and good for health, but that is just not the kind of fun I’m looking for.

It’s funny how spending money can change our mood upside down. I finally able to just go to a shoe store and pick on designs without worrying that they don’t have the size I need. It’s really hard for me to find shoes in KL. The people there are smaller in size. Being a bigger than their normal makes me feels like a giant troll. Oh.. Another form of discrimination.

Alright. Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day. My day will start in less than 6 hours and I’m still don’t have enough sleep yet. Until next time, then.